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Taylor & Co Travel is a modern, luxury boutique travel agency creating Taylor Made Travel To Fit Your Lifestyle.  As Global Concierges, we design unique xperiences that are all about YOU!! We incorporate your interests, passions, travel style, and reason for travelling into your Taylor Made Xperience.  Everyone’s definition of luxury travel is different so Taylor Made is the new luxury travel consisting of unique xperiences that you have longed for, those breathtaking, #Hashtag worthy moments you can’t wait to share & memories that will be passed down for a lifetime.  

Our agency was created on the premise of All-Inclusive, but not the all-inclusive you normally think of.  Our travelers don’t want cookie cutter xperiences, you want the 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets with butler service & elevated resort amenities, as well as the adrenaline rush xperiences, both Michelin Star & food truck cuisine, cultural xperiences to the touristy must-see attractions for first timers.  Why should you have to choose?  You don’t, you can have it all.  Who doesn’t want to have their cake & eat it too?  With your Taylor Made Travel Xperience you will get just that!!

Our team of global concierges are your new TFF’s (travel friends forever) and will be with you every step of the way removing the stress & unknowns for the everyday traveler.  At the beginning of the planning process stress is alleviated because we do all the work.  We monitor the flights, know how to package your trip events to obtain the best rates, and we know what tours will add that xtra something to make your xperience truly yours.  Weeks before your departure you can xpect a gift box from us delivered right to your doorstep that will level up your trip preparation.  During your trip, we manage everything from checking you in for your flights, securing a room upgrade when available, and making sure there is a little xtra something waiting to welcome you when you enter your room.  Upon your return, we will reach out for your valuable feedback.  What you liked, and what you loved will be beneficial to us as we curate xperiences in the future & we will help you capture all of those aha moments by preserving those memories in unique ways through our creative partners.  Of course, we can’t forget, looking ahead to your next Taylor Made Xperience.  

At Taylor & Co Travel we take your travel and client xperiences to the next level and value the client-advisor interaction as one of the most important aspects of travel planning.  Whether traveling solo, with your special someone, on a friend’s getaway, with family or a group of co-workers, your global concierges have you covered

Why become TFF’s with us?

We want you to xperience travel, not just go on a trip.  Whether you are pushing your limits and stepping beyond your comfort zone, celebrating a monumental life moment, in search of a life changing adventure, or just want to get away, we are here to make that happen.  We have perfected the perfect recipe for making your travel dreams a reality by combining our xpertise, luv of travel, your likes, travel style, desired xperience, & reason for traveling with our industry connections to create a Taylor Made Xperience to Fit Your Lifestyle.  


Miki Taylor - Founder/CEO


Ready to become TFF’s?  Next Steps:


Communicate: We’ve shared who we are, now it’s your turn.  The dialogue begins with you filling out our trip inquiry being as specific as possible, leaving nothing unsaid.   The more details you can share, the easier it will be for us to get to know you & determine if we are on our way to becoming TFF’s. (Just like real life, we aren’t always meant to be TFF’s and we aren’t afraid to say so)  We want to know where you have been, what you liked, didn’t like, the xperiences that left you speechless, your favorite foods, what takes your breath away, and who you are going to be sharing those #Hashtag worthy moments with (it’s perfectly ok if it is just YOU)

We Get To Work: We think we are going to be TFF’s so we take the information you shared, mix that with our xpertise, luv of travel, & our industry connections & create the perfect Taylor Made Xperience.  We share the detailed itinerary with you via our digital platform providing you all the information about every aspect of your trip.  We make a few tweaks based on your feedback and like magic, the perfect xperience is created.  

You Jet Set: With our travel app you have everything you need right at your fingertips, including a direct link to us, your TFF’s who are available to assist throughout your xperience for anything you might need, even if it is to find the best cocktail!!

Catch Up: Upon your return we want to chat and hear all about your Taylor Made Xperience.  What you liked, what you loved, and what your thoughts are for your next #Hashtag worthy xperience.